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we hove been  involved with the following:

  • Pipelinesouth-west UAE                 .
  • Explorationfield activity in Saudi Arabia.                          
  • They include the remaining  phases  of  south  Pars gosfield (shored  with   Qatar)   Forzod  gosfield   (shored  with   Saudi Arabia), Salmon oil field (shored with  UAE, Forouzon and Esfondiyor oil field (shored with Saudi Arabia) all situated in Persoin Gulf  Waters.
  • Qatar AI Karkoro and A structural field development project

AI Kholeej  north development project  Phose Ill

  • Field development project AI Royyon field (Block 12)
  • Field development project   AI  Kheleejgoss   project   (AKG) Phose I
  • Gas project:AI-Khaleej gas project phase 2 (AKG 2) Dolphin Energy has completed the commissioning of early  gas facilities in August 2009 at   gas   receiving   station  associated   with   Taweelah-Fujairah   gas pipeline.
  • The 240km Taweelah-Fujairah gas pipeline  will carry  gas  from the Taweelah  gas terminal on the Persian Gulf Coast to treatment facilities in the Emirate of Fujairah near the Oman  boarder.
  • In January 2010 UAE based construction firm Dodsal secured contracts worth over  ۱۶۰ million USD to construct two gas pipelines in Abu  Dhabi, the first contract  is for the replacement  of a  ۱۰۰km, 36 inch diameter  pipeline  linking Abu  Dhabi  Gas  Industries (GASCO) ThammaCproduction  facilities in the North  East to the firms Asab field in the South. The contact is worth in the region of 85 million USD.
  • The second EPC contract includes construction of the 45 km, 48 inch diameter HirfaHabshan nitrogen pipeline part of the joint venture industrial gas scheme by Abu Dhabi Nation Oil  Company  (ADNOC) and  Germany’s  Linde in West Abu  Dhabi, with  the Habshan  oil field located  in the South of the capital.